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JBC -v- Great American Music Hall

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 23 Sep 1997 - 12:42:44 PDT

what fun.

nearly 50 of you showed up at the 20 tank sunday night. people came from the UK, florida, boston, columbus, chicago, minneapolis, austin, houstin, albequerque, seattle, portland, los angeles the bay area and probably elsewhere. there was an NPR guy with his geek headphones interviewing everybody, there were movie stars who are as rabid as JBC fans come, there was pat and max being gracious as ever. thanks to the photo guy who passed out copies the next day - i forgot your name!

monday and the Great American Music Hall. right next door to the acclaimed O'Farrell Theatre girly joint is the Hall - a very beautiful old theatre - marble columns, balcony, the whole bit.

it was just pat and max and this is what they played: Soul Happy Hour
Who Loves You Now
Southern Mark Smith
La Mer
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Mr Odd
Raking Up Leaves
Take The Skinheads Bowling
It Has To Be You
Just Like Betty Page
Zombie Love

to say the least, it was an ON night
it was odd how quiet everyone was during the songs as though they were trying to absorb the thing completely. of course, mayhem ensued between the tunes.

taped? yes. success. give it some time for me to get the tapes sorted out. more info as it comes.

-david Received on Tue Sep 23 12:42:44 1997

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