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Re: sf

From: Murray Digby <>
Date: Tue 23 Sep 1997 - 19:41:18 PDT

Greg Dykema wrote:

> pat & max. & a kazoo.
> wot? you don't remember the kazoo in any jbc song? sure, you know
> that bit in DRINK with the kazoo solo? oh. you sure it was a trombone?
> well, maybe you're right. but not this night.

A wonderful kazoo solo !!!!

> max was definitely the hit of the evening. i was certainly glad of the
> chance to see him play. he really gets into it, eyes squeezed tight
> shut & grimacing. he & pat really seemed to have fun together, too.
> it'd be shame if they never did it again.

Max was such a hit I started to feel sorry for Pat. But I too was overwhelmed by meetingand watching/hearing Max play, as a previous message noted his singing was perfect and the guitar playing excellent.

> i loved the version of zombie love--pat hit top form and it was the
> best rendition of that soung i've heard. it ended the set, right?
> angels and roadrunner were the encores i think.

The absolute best Zombie love I heard as well. (I've only heard the versionson Gift Of Music and Draining the Glass though.)

> listening to _draining the glass_ now the songs seem too busy with
> bass & drums & stuff :-)
> greg

More later.

Randy Received on Tue Sep 23 19:41:18 1997

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