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My $.02 on the SF shindig

From: Arik Florimonte <frendli_at_maxwell.UCSC.EDU>
Date: Tue 23 Sep 1997 - 22:42:52 PDT

Probably the same $.02 as the resta youse.

The show was, in fact, fantastic. I like Pat's music post-Max, and I like Max's album and his work with David J., but to hear the two of them together is simply extraordinary. I don't know which is smoother, Max's voice or his solos. And their two voices together seem perfect complements.

Max and Pat were amazingly gracious at the 20-tank. I was too shy or reserved to chat with either of them for very long, but they were really great about posing for pictures and answering the same questions over and over. And they stayed well past the orignal 8pm ending time. Anyone else think that they said that just to leave themselves a way out? Well, kudos to all of you (us) for not scaring them off.

And count me in on the CD. The show was simply unforgettable.

Thanks again, Pat Max, Bob, Anne, David, and everyone else who made it possible.

-Arik Received on Tue Sep 23 22:42:52 1997

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