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thanks for the show

From: Theresa Zarate <>
Date: Tue 23 Sep 1997 - 23:36:54 PDT

Seeing Pat and Max perform together again took me back ten years. Back to the days when CDs were making records obsolete. But, I loved my records---especially all the JBC ones with those funny little messages inscribed near the label. I had only seen the Jazz Butcher perform once in 1986 at the Berkeley Square in California. Being underage at the time I had to use my older sister's ID to get into the club. Little did I know that that would be the only time I'd see Pat and Max perform together until last night. I fell off the face of the earth in 1987, left all my beloved music behind and only resurfaced this year. Can you imagine I missed the whole music scene of the last decade? Everything after Distressed Gentlefolk was new to me...But I could still sing along to all those familiar songs sung at the show last night. Needless to say, those two gentlemen performing at the charming GAMH are still as cool and dapper as ever.

                        ---TZ Received on Tue Sep 23 23:36:54 1997

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