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From: Thomas Frazer <>
Date: Wed 24 Sep 1997 - 08:59:53 PDT

I'm still smiling.

What a delightful evening. The room had this warm, happy vibe. People holding martini glasses, everyone wanting to be up close but not jamming together uncomfortably, friends clapping each others shoulders when a song that was special to them was played. (Saw a tremendous amount of this during Drink) Pat and Max are both formidible guitarists and play together in this natural, fluid way that was extraordinary. And they played Le Mer! What a perfect evening.

I had a chance to talk to a couple of list members while I waited in front of the GAMH with a sharpie to have Pat sign my truck. After 45 minutes of waiting for Pat the silly urge dissipated and and we left. While we waited I had a chance to meet some of you listies, a fine bunch all. I also got to hear my friend Tim tell me about the girl who asked him to sign her breasts with a permanent marker after a TooMuchJoy show.

Hats off to David W. for all his efforts and to Bob and Anne for getting the coolest wedding band ever together one last time. Good on you all.

Off to make more hop picking machine parts so you guys will still have beer.

Tom Frazer

--Brian H. what is the Bakersfield secret? Received on Wed Sep 24 08:59:53 1997

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