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Audio files.

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Thu 25 Sep 1997 - 12:54:16 PDT


On the site, David says:
> Sound files found here are mostly in AIFC format, so you may need to
> install some software.
> ...
> Audio players for all system types may be found here..

Unfortunately, I cannot find a single program on the PC which will decode and play the aifc files on the JBC pages. Not a one. For macs, there's at least one encoder/player. but nothing that a search of the net would reveal. It's definitely not my soundcard. I've got three different sound cards, including a Turtle Beach Tropez. I also own Several commercial sample editors, and none of them support this format.

If not, see below.

> I use AIFC because streaming audio servers ain't cheap, and AIFC
> generates files up to 3 times smaller > than AU of AIFF for the same
> sampling rate. So now you know..

I understand the problem with the cost of streaming servers. xing, real audio, their prices are outrageous. But to deny the Butcher samples to the vast majority of fans and non-fans seems self-defeating. Let me make a humble suggestion. MPEG-1, Layer 3 audio. The advantages are:

o - Up a 12 to 1 compression ratio. 112Kbit/sec 44Khz sound compresses down to about a 1 meg per minute of sound. Far better than any other audio format.

o - Streamable. You can select the number of bits/second you wish to transmit at, 2.8Kbit/sec being perfect for streaming over modems. No specialized server is needed.

o - Everyone gets to play. There are currently players for every major system. Unix/Windoze/MacOS/AmigaOS. the best of thesae players, Amp/MacAmp/WinAmp is free. No expensive hardware or software to buy.

o - I've got most of my Jazz Butcher collection(all the CDs) already encoded. and will do any addition encoding/re-encoding. Happy to do it.

Please consider this. After the show on Monday, I've been wanting to figure out "Water" on guitar, but can't. It really sags. I have put up a couple of examples, at my site. The URLs are: This is a full, stereo sample, 112Kbit/Sec, 44Khz This is a 2.8KBit/Sec 11Khz sound file.

Note none of these stream, my provider hasn't set up his server's mime-types. Received on Thu Sep 25 12:54:16 1997

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