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Re: Audio files, and intro

From: Bill Maciejewski <>
Date: Fri 26 Sep 1997 - 07:22:49 PDT

At 12:54 PM -0700 9/25/97, Will Nerini wrote:
>On the site, David says:
>> Sound files found here are mostly in AIFC format, so you may need to
>> install some software.
>> ...
>> Audio players for all system types may be found here..
>Unfortunately, I cannot find a single program on the PC which will decode
>and play the aifc files on the JBC pages. Not a one. For macs, there's at
>least one encoder/player. but nothing that a search of the net would
>reveal. It's definitely not my soundcard. I've got three different sound
>cards, including a Turtle Beach Tropez. I also own Several commercial
>sample editors, and none of them support this format.

I found one for the mac here at work, but I couldn't get it to play files. It got weird. So I agree with Will...

>This is a full, stereo sample, 112Kbit/Sec, 44Khz
>This is a 2.8KBit/Sec 11Khz sound file.
>Note none of these stream, my provider hasn't set up his server's

I got the program MacAmp and tried playing these. The first works, but I can't play "Devil..".

By the way, I guess I didn't send my introduction to the right place earlier. Here we go: My name is Bill, I live in Maryland (moved here recently). I first got into the Jazz Butcher about 4 years ago - I was in a mall record store and checking out the cut-out tape racks (I find the greatest stuff in cutouts!) and noticed a tape (Big Planet Scarey Planet) and thought the name "Jazz Butcher" sounded interesting. You can't lose on 50 cents, so I took it home and loved it. So now most of my JB collection is on tape, and I haven't had a lot of luck finding CDs. My favorite JB albums are "Bloody Nonsense" and "Big Planet Scarey Planet."

Many thanks for putting the sound files up - it was great! Too bad I couldn't go to the west coast...
talk to ya

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Received on Fri Sep 26 07:22:49 1997
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