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re: Chords

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Fri 26 Sep 1997 - 23:46:53 PDT

Jim Reickel wrote:
> Will,
> You are my hero. I have been dying to see some chord charts or tab of
> ANY JBC song. Please let me, and everyone else for that matter, know
> when you have some available.

Well, I've been working on them, but I'm lazy, and my time is full(I've got about 50 hobbies). There's one down at the bottom. I'll cross-post it to the list.

> I am somewhat of a beginner so trying to figure anything out without
> chords is brutally hard for me.

Yeah, Well. You'll feel that way for a long time. I've just started to hear music properly and correctly. But i didn't start learing guitar till I was 24. And I'm not really that musically talented, but work, work
work and a kazoo #;^)> will hide a world sins.

> Thanks also for the great pictures, would have given anything to be
> there.

I got the flash camera pictures today, but they are kind of washed out, and not much clearer. There's a couple of good pics, one nice one of Max and some good shots of the GAMH's Exterior. I'll try to correct the problems
and get them on the site by Sunday. I basically spent about $1000 including tickets to get myself and three friends there(a fourth paid his own way, and more!)to the show.
Two of my friends were getting a wedding gift and the third a birthday gift. me? I got the best gift(of music) that I've ever gotten. and I couldn't even be there Sunday to meet the boys!

But to the chords. Let's try my favorite to play. Easy, and endless: Peter Lorre. I make no claims that these are actually "THE CHORDS" But they sound right to me. If the text is out of alignment, just play around. it's a very distinct tune once you know the chords.

Peter Lorre, Peter Lorre,
He's allright, He's all right.

[Just repeat that till you get to]

A real gentleman
Never bad and never rude
Never mad and never crude
Just like Sydney Greenstreet
Just like Sydney... Green...street Received on Fri Sep 26 23:46:53 1997

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