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Date: Tue 02 Sep 1997 - 15:20:32 PDT

Like clockwork, it comes around again....

> This item has also been tossed about on the Fall mailing list, to which I
> also belong.
> As Mark E. Smith hails from Manchester, hence a "Northerner", Gerad is
> egged on to act like a "Southern Mark Smith". According to what I've
> heard, The Fall shot back (also good-naturedly) with the song "Pat-Trip
> Dispenser". (JB providing a certain substance ?) It contains the line
> "McGintey thought he could fool the Fall" - I believe in reference to
> sometimes JBC bassist Rolo McGintey.

David, surely this belongs in a FAQ or somesuch, right? I mean, next to the dreaded Condx. Blue vs. Cult of the Basement debate, it's the only thread with legs around here....

FWIW, M.E. Smith appears on the newest Edwyn Collins record -- I mention this here 'cause Collins should get his props from JBC fans....

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