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RE: [Fwd: Ralph Carney?]

From: Eb <>
Date: Sat 06 Sep 1997 - 17:30:37 PDT

>Carney came to my attention as a member of Cleveland's Waitresses in their
>pre-"I Know What Boys Like" era (he was with the band at that later stage,
>and later as a member Cleveland/Akron "New Wave Supergroup" Tin Huey. I think
>he played with the B-52s for a while, too.
>His harp solo on the Waitresses' "Slide" is an awesome instrumental
>moment. All
>around a very tasty player.
>Nice news.

Of course, he also did a lot of great work with Tom Waits.....

Eb Received on Sat Sep 6 17:30:37 1997

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