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RE: JBC -v- Great American Music Hall

Date: Wed 24 Sep 1997 - 10:41:29 PDT

An ace show, to be sure. And thanks to all for being such good sports about having microphones thrust in their faces....

David wrote:

> monday and the Great American Music Hall. right next door to the
> acclaimed O'Farrell Theatre girly joint is the Hall - a very beautiful
> old theatre - marble columns, balcony, the whole bit.

Overhreard afterwards: Gargantuan bouncer for O'Farrell Theatre chatting with street denizens and crowd leaving the show -- "You mean _the_ Jazz Butcher? Jesus! Was David J with him! Man! Bummed I missed it -- I thought it was some other group who'd snagged the name...."

Highlight of the night for me was Max's stunning "It Has To Be You", surely his classic tune, spine-chilling performance, taking me back to sad-sack undergrad days, mooning over an absent girlfriend, listening to "IHTBY" and "Angels" over and over and over....

For whoever asked -- "IHTBY" and "Raking Up the Leaves" are from Max's _Best Kisser_ LP. I remember asking Pat in 1988 what he thought of Max's record. "All right, I suppose," he said. "I quite like that 'Leaves' song."

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