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RE:David J meets Nostradamus

From: sCoTtO <>
Date: Mon 29 Sep 1997 - 22:31:34 PDT

Very weird indeed! I went to take a look at the liner notes of UU and my fiancee pointed out a word repeated there "paparzi" which she found amusing. If this is a slang of a slang ("paparazzi" itself isn't?) then I stand corrected.

There is an insert in the Phila. Inquirer on Sundays that (for at least 3 weeks running) has had on its back cover an advert for WeightWatchers featuring a picture of Fergie with the leading text "IT'S HARDER THAN outrunning the paparazzi." Anybody else see this?

Scott Received on Mon Sep 29 22:31:34 1997

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