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Re: the wait

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 11:19:19 PDT

> Re:
> >within a week, will be an announcement which TrueFans will go nuts over.
> >all i can say at this point is: get your checkbooks out :-)
> >
> >-david
> what is it what is it! Checkbook's out and am waiting with intense
> anticipation.

Me Too.

> also, regarding people transcribing jbc songs for guitar, count me in. I
> too, am a struggling guitar player and would love to learn some jbc
> If these are being passed along via private email, could someone send
> off to me. Mucho gracias.

Well, I'm posting mine primarily here. And as soon as i can figure out a good format to display them in, I'll put up a page for them. But HTML is WAY too clumsy, too much chance of the formatting being off, etc. and no other format(word processing, etc) is terribly cross-platform.

> Glen Davis
> San Diego, CA
Received on Wed Oct 1 11:19:19 1997

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