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She's On Drugs

From: Hank Tomczak <>
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 11:49:39 PDT

Well I promised one by the end of the week so here goes any comments/questions/corrections let me know. Hank

She's On Drugs (P.Fish)

D E G {several times - listen to the song to get the beat} And you can dance

D                                    E  
Good grief, won't you look on the dancefloor! G
She's got to be American; she's not from here
D                       E     
Oh no! I can't even look away 
She's just far too thin and beautiful as sin 
D                                E 

We're all living in a world of poetry
Eating polyester and committing adultery
D                                        E                 
Calm down, boy! I'll tell you the secret G
It's ever so simple it really, really is


D                           E
Hey! Sha-la-la-la Oo my-my 
She's On Drugs What's up? 
D                          E
Hey! Sha-la-la-la Oo my-my 
She's On Drugs 
D                                E
So steady on, get a grip on yourself 
You just can't act like that in the theatre 
D                                     E 
Where'd you get that look in your eyes
Behaving like the boss of a whole new religion
         D                 E

Said please! I thought you got savvy
But you're looking like a lemon and talking like a navvy
D                                    E             
Ah I guess that's so many people's problem these days: G
You can see the hills - you just can't go there

Repeat Chorus

Aw, it simply shouldn't ever occur

           Bm                                                       E 
If she puts her arms above her head like that again 
  G                           D    

I don't know what I'll say or do
Hey Charlie

D E G {repeat as many times as needed}

                D                                       E   
Now I'm out on the street and I believe she's in distress G
She's got her hair in her eyes and her eyes are in a mess
                 D                                    E
Hey now, I've been hoping we was going to meet G
Now won't you take my hand so I can help you across the street?
D                  E

Whooo! Talk about bloodsports!
Even the spectators get killed!
                 D                          E                             G
You can see the cars, you just can't get out of their way

Repeat Chorus

Ah this simply doesn't happen to me

            Bm                                                E       
If you have a single night like that in town again 
G                            D
I don't know what I'd say or do 
    D             E                         G  
Oh, but honey? I think I want to do it with you

Repeat Chorus

D E G {and fade} Received on Wed Oct 1 11:49:39 1997

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