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Bloody Inflation!

From: <>
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 13:10:39 PDT


I recently posted this message,
>> "Bloody Nonsense" LP in spiffy condition. No scratches, dents, creases,
>> rust. Cover is pristine except for very small tear and even smaller water
>> stain on back side.

>> Songs:
>> Human Jungle
>> Souther Mark Smith ('Big Return' version)
>> Real Men
>> Soul Happy Hour
>> Hard
>> Water (the elephant song)
>> Death Dentist
>> Big Saturday
>> Caroline Wheeler....
>> Partytime
>> Girlfriend
>> Grooving in the Bus Lane
>> The Devil is My Friend

I was asking $10 for the record, but wasn't prepared for the rush of interested parties. As a result, I'm gonna be totally sleazy about this, and instead of selling for a prepared price, I'll open the record up for bidding.  (Hey, if Iwaited 7 years before finally finding a CD of "Scandal in Bohemia," you can deal with a little inconvenience here!)

So, what is the LP worth TO YOU? Send your bids along, and tomorrow night (Thursday) I'll pick the winner. So far, I've got offers of anywhere from $10 to $20.

PR Smith,
Somerville MA, USA Received on Wed Oct 1 13:10:39 1997

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