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world of poetry?!

From: Kirk Biglione <>
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 06:12:08 PDT

All these years I thought we were living in a world of poultry? I thought it was just another example of Mr. Fish's crypto-vegetarian propaganda (a la "The Best Way").

Guess I read too much into that one.


> G
> She's got to be American; she's not from here
> D E
> Oh no! I can't even look away
> G
> She's just far too thin and beautiful as sin
> D E
> We're all living in a world of poetry
> G
> Eating polyester and committing adultery
> D E
> Calm down, boy! I'll tell you the secret
> G
> It's ever so simple it really, really is
Received on Wed Oct 1 06:12:08 1997

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