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Re: Bloody Inflation!

From: <>
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 15:10:17 PDT

Big question--I've got two US copies of "Bloody Nonsense" and the songs are somewhat different that noted below (though mine are identical). Is the copy being offered an import from another land? Are there two different versions with a couple tunes being switched out? Is the offeror somehow mistaken in his list of songs? Am I going completely insane? Help??

In a message dated 97-10-01 16:58:59 EDT, ZineGreen wrote:

>> "Bloody Nonsense" LP in spiffy condition. No scratches, dents, creases,
>> rust. Cover is pristine except for very small tear and even smaller
>> stain on back side.

>> Songs:
>> Human Jungle
>> Souther Mark Smith ('Big Return' version)
>> Real Men
>> Soul Happy Hour
>> Hard
>> Water (the elephant song)
>> Death Dentist
>> Big Saturday
>> Caroline Wheeler....
>> Partytime
>> Girlfriend
>> Grooving in the Bus Lane
>> The Devil is My Friend >>
Received on Wed Oct 1 15:10:17 1997

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