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From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 15:57:47 PDT

        One of the world's perfect pop songs. Accuracy, as always, is questionable.


G_D_C (suspend it a bit then repeat)

G                  D                       C
Here I am I'm just lyin' on the floor with you We had to get drunk it was the only thing that we could do Well it's funny coz I thought that it could've turned out quite romantic But it isn't like that which is fine coz it means I can stand it

My best friend's girlfriend
Oh I've got a girlfriend

D                                C

And you're somebody's girlfriend too (You know it only ever makes me)

Down down
Yeah you know it only makes me down
This foolishness it only makes me, etc.

Am C G

                 Oh look it's easy, you come
G                           D                    C
'Round my house you give me information then you go home But it sure beats talking all that foolish nonsense on the telephone I don't know about the implications of all this I just feel so-so And it's a measure of a feeling that I can't identify that I can let you go

Repeat chorus stuff, ad lib on departed pets and breaking rules, throw in some Petula Clark/Chrissie Hynde lyrics and a genius Max guitar part and enjoy! Received on Wed Oct 1 15:57:47 1997

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