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Re: Bloody Inflation!

From: Adrian H. D. Bell <>
Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 01:05:34 PDT

>Big question--I've got two US copies of "Bloody Nonsense" and the songs are
>somewhat different that noted below (though mine are identical). Is the copy
>being offered an import from another land? Are there two different versions
>with a couple tunes being switched out? Is the offeror somehow mistaken in
>his list of songs? Am I going completely insane? Help??

Well, mine is different also. It's a 1986 BigTime Canadian Pressing. The photo and typeset has a pink tinge and the order is

Side I
Human Jungle
Souther Mark Smith ('Orig.' version)
President Reagan's Birthday Present
Jazz Butcher v Prime Minister
Grooving in the Bus Lane

Side II
Death Dentist
Big Saturday
Caroline Wheeler....
The Devil is My Friend >>

Quite different so I doubt you suffer from madness. I bought this copy in the States. To further confuse matters I distinctly remember seeing a quite different copy of Bloody Nonsense in Sydney, Australia. The layout of the type was the same but the cover photos had I a green tinge and I'm pretty sure one of the songs was 'Marnie' but not the Muscovite Mix that was found on Scandal. That puts it us with 3 different lots of nonsense.

Big Time were fairly big before they went under and printed their artists in several countries where as all the Glass Records stuff I have came out of the UK. Maybe the album differed between countries.

Talking of different versions, I've got 3 different track listings for Distressed Gentlefolk:

* The CD has the bonus tracks of South America
* A white cover LP has the original listing
* A blue cover LP came with a bonus EP with songs off the Conspiracy & Hard


>In a message dated 97-10-01 16:58:59 EDT, ZineGreen wrote:
> >> "Bloody Nonsense" LP in spiffy condition. No scratches, dents, creases,
> or
> >> rust. Cover is pristine except for very small tear and even smaller
> >> stain on back side.
> >> Songs:
> >>
> >> Human Jungle
> >> Souther Mark Smith ('Big Return' version)
> >> Real Men
> >> Soul Happy Hour
> >> Hard
> >> Water (the elephant song)
> >>
> >> Death Dentist
> >> Big Saturday
> >> Caroline Wheeler....
> >> Partytime
> >> Girlfriend
> >> Grooving in the Bus Lane
> >> The Devil is My Friend >>

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