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Re: Mind Like a Playgroup.

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 09:08:09 PDT

Hank Tomczak wrote:
> Will - I've always played the song this way and believe it to be accurate.
> Thoughts ? If you agree perhaps you can re-mail it to the group, if not let
> it slide. I don't want to start a huge flame war over whose tab is more
> accurate like I've seen on other lists. I personally don't mind if people
> correct my tab because it helps me as well.
> Hank
> I have a m[C]ind like a p[G]laygroup with k[F]iddies on the c[G]arpet
> T[C]oys on the t[G]able and l[F]ots and l[G]ots of n[C]oise
> People leave their t[G]houghts here
> L[F]ike they'd leave their k[G]ids there
> W[C]hile they go out d[G]rinking and c[F]has[G]ing b[C]oys.

By Golly, you're right. I'll fix it here and at the archive. KEWL! Received on Thu Oct 2 09:08:09 1997

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