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Re: Down The Drain: Chords.

From: Eb <>
Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 21:05:03 PDT

>> You know, it's a wee bit embarrassing seeing chord charts
>> requested/posted
>> for such ridiculously simple songs.... ;)
>Maybe. Are you posting any chords? Any Tabs? Hmm, thought not.

Y'know, you really ought to ascertain whom you're dealing with before you so pompously try to "call someone's bluff." If I call a song "ridiculously simple," doesn't it imply that I might have a good bit of higher musical knowledge?

>Maybe you'd
>like put up the tab for "Just Like Betty Page"?

Well, I'm much more of a pianist than a guitarist, so I'm not so good with tabs. But then, no one else has posted tabs either. (I assume you DO know the difference between a chord chart and a tab chart.) But for the chords, see below.

>Embarrassing to whom? Most of
>us on this list aren't professional guitarists, mostly just beginners.

Err, obviously.

Just Like Betty Page

Verse chords:

-------D Dmaj7
Hey hey hey
Can I see you again?
It's been such fun,
What we've done,


I should like to do it forever

Chorus chords:
You...have me
As far as I can see


Roped and trussed just like Dear Betty Page A+.....

That's it, really. The whole point of many early Jazz Butcher songs is that they use very cliched "lounge" chord progressions like the above. Now this song ISN'T particularly simple, so I wouldn't scoff at someone asking for these chords. But if you need help identifying the chords for a basic I-IV-V song like "Mind Like a Playgroup," then your guitar-playing probably isn't ready to tackle playing other people's songs yet anyway.

Eb Received on Thu Oct 2 21:05:03 1997

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