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Betty Page chords, and the better musician

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 02:10:31 PDT

Eb wrote:
> Y'know, you really ought to ascertain whom you're dealing with before you
> so pompously try to "call someone's bluff." If I call a song "ridiculously
> simple," doesn't it imply that I might have a good bit of higher musical
> knowledge?

Now, I was merely trying to get you to post something. Sorry you took it wrong but it seems, to me, not very beneficial or friendly to start off by calling peoples' honest effort "embarrasing". Your words did indeed imply to me that you were musically knoledgeable. They also implied that everyone's efforts weren't valuable just because no one had posted a more challenging song.
> Well, I'm much more of a pianist than a guitarist, so I'm not so good with
> tabs. But then, no one else has posted tabs either. (I assume you DO know
> the difference between a chord chart and a tab chart.) But for the chords,
> see below.

See, That's great, and since I _did_ ask for the TAB, yes, I do know the difference. That's why my site is the "JBC/Max Eider Chord & TAB site". I can't speak for others, but I'm certainly grateful for ANY kind of additional help. Since no one has offered TABs, and I'm not up to figuring
any out, there hasn't been any. Maybe as a pianist, it'll be easier for you to
get the melodies tabbed! I'm really interested(personally) in learing the
melodies. If ANYONE needs any pointers to TAB and chord making utilities,
just ask. I'd be happy to go out and find them all.
> >Embarrassing to whom? Most of us on this list aren't professional
> >guitarists, mostly just beginners.
> Err, obviously.

Now...See, counterproductive.
[... Cool Chords to Betty Page pulled out ...]
> That's it, really. The whole point of many early Jazz Butcher songs is that
> they use very cliched "lounge" chord progressions like the above.

See, you've helped already. I'm haven't had any formal training and this is
helpful, how about some more examples of "lounge" progressions, I'm not sure
how much it'll help some of our other guitarists, but it'll help me.
> But if you need help identifying the chords for a basic
> I-IV-V song like "Mind Like a Playgroup," then your guitar-playing probably
> isn't ready to tackle playing other people's songs yet anyway.

Well, as an anecdote, Mind Like a Playgroup, and Down the Drain were the first songs I ever figured out by myself, 5 or so years ago. And both chord files were made from memory. I haven't played "Mind..." in a couple of years, though I admit, I play Down the Drain regularly. It's a great song and for me, the best part of these songs is playing & singing them. Simple, shmimple, they're all great.

So, let's move on from here and get some more of these great songs out there. I mean, OLGA has ALL the damn KORN songs, shouldn't we expose people
to slightly better music?

And hey, thanks again for the Betty Page Chords, I was stumped on the A augmented... Received on Fri Oct 3 02:10:31 1997

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