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CRD: Soul Happy Hour.

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 04:05:47 PDT

[ Note: As Usual, much of this is from memory,
[ so if its is wrong, _please_ correct me. email below
[ [e] = E Minor.

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy : Soul Happy Hour (Pat Fish/Max Eider)

T[G]he best things in life are free 
B[e]ut you can give them to the SDP 
I[C] want to go to Tesco's store 
A[D]nd buy some drink and fall on the floor. 
I[G] don't care for s[e]mart new clothes 
I[C] don't care for r[D]eading books 

I[G] don't care for Q[e]uinn and Collins I[C] don't care for m[D]agaz[G]ines
I[C] don't like lemonade 
I[G] hink milk should not be made 
I[C] don't like coffee and I don't like tea 
T[D]hese are the things that mystify me 
I[G] don't care for s[e]port or swimming 
I[C] don't care for all those n[D]asty old bogies 
I[G] don't care what's o[e]n TV
I[C] just want to d[D]rink til I[G] can't see
I[C] wish I'd been born a tree 
S[G]omeone'd come and make a barrel out of me 
I[C] get in a fury when I[D]'m not in a brewery 
W[G]hiskey Vodka S[e]pecial Brew 
A[C]ll of this is g[D]ood for you 

G[G]in sling, Cointreau, b[e]randy sour... B[C]lot right o[D]ut! Soul h[G]appy hour!   

[ Transcriber: William Nerini

Also as usual this is also stored at: Received on Fri Oct 3 04:05:47 1997

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