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New Odd Line of Zeppelins.........

From: <>
Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 19:52:14 PDT

Thought I'd try My hand at this,being a somewhat "decent' gutarist Myself........

     True,these are songs are pretty simply written,but it takes a Genius
like Pat to make something Brilliant!     
                        I figured I'd leave the lyrics out - You'll figure
the rest i'm sure!!!
                     New Invention: verses - D,C,G    
                                           bridge - D
                                           chorus - D,G    
                    Line of Death: verses - E,G,D
                                          chorus - C,E
                     Mr.Odd: verse,chorus - Em,C,G
                                  change or solo - D
                     My Zeppelin: verse - A,D back and forth then E
a zeppelin
                                     change or solo - F#,B,E,A
                    Well,that's how I hear 'em......I did notice on changes
where the guitar
                             stays on D (New Invention,Mr.Odd) the high E
string is played
                              in notes of E,F#,and G.....if that makes
sense!!!!! H.H.....                         Received on Fri Oct 3 19:52:14 1997
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