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Re: Rosemary, Raking Up Leaves

From: Eb <>
Date: Sun 05 Oct 1997 - 22:16:48 PDT

Well, here you go. It's no fun doing these things. It's like being able to figure out a math problem in your head, but having to write out all the calculations anyway just so the teacher will have something to grade. And I sure remember what THAT was like....


Max Eider/Rosemary

This is a song that especially points out how poorly the non-rhythm-based "match lyrics with the chords" system works. The chord changes are in the same rhythm throughout almost the whole song, but because the length of the vocal lines varies, using Will's system would be needlessly confusing.

Basically, the chorus bounces along, over and over and over, with: Cmaj7 (2.5 beats) C6 (1.5 beats) | Dm7 (2.5 beats) G7 (1.5 beats) |

And the verse is almost the same but gentler, but there's a bit of embellishment which results in something more like this:

Cmaj7 (2.5 beats) C6 (1.5 beats) | Dm7 (2.5 beats), G7sus4 (1 beat) G7 (.5 beats) |

You could play the chorus chords throughout, however, and it wouldn't make much difference. There's a lot of jazzy nuances to this sort of music which can't really be captured in pure chord charts. Whether you add then in or not is what separates good players from the weak.

When the song goes into the bridge, it adapts to Will's system a little better.

I[C]t's...missing f[Cmaj7]ine condition, [Dm7]It'll s[G7]it on the bedside s[C]helf
Whatcha thinking, gonna c[Cmaj7]harge an admission?
[Dm]You k[G7]now yourself so w[C]ell,
[Cmaj7]You think you k[Dm7]now yourself so w[Fm/Ab]ell?

[solo over the main chords]

S[F]taring with your fixed expression since the 1[C]9th century B[F]ut somehow I imagined, I could m[C]ake you smile at m[C7]e. But you n[F]ever see me, you look right through me, I d[C]on't know where to start,

I[F]'ll take you to the basement,
I'll p[G]ull your frame apart,
I'll h[G/F]ang you in the d[G]ark

Then back to the chorus, etc....

Max Eider : Raking Up Leaves

[Am7][Abm7][Gm7]Its not right, [C7]it's wrong
It's h[Gm7]ard to say much i[C7]n a song that goes A[F]hhhh...A[F7]hhh.

But J[Bbmaj7]esus, look around you
[Bdim][C7]They're always saying that, "I've found you".
J[Bmaj7]esus, Friend of the poor, [Am7]what do you t[D7]ake me for? No H[Gm7]arm, No H[C7]arm, No M[F]ore. [Am7] [Abm7] [Gm7]

I turn on, it's e[C7]verything
And a[Gm7]nimals die, and I[C7] just sing. A[F]hhh...A[F7]hhh...

But L[Bmaj7]ook at me, Cant see the wood for the trees. [Bdim] [C7] I'm only playing and raking up the leaves. M[Bmaj7]y friend sam makes better job Sweeping the f[Am7]loor. But I c[D7]an't do more. No h[Gm7]arm, no h[C7]arm, No M[F]ore. [Am7]
[Abm7] [Gm7]

[solo over verse/chorus chords, etc]

[A7]Another year, wait and see what it brings.
You m[D7]ake damn sure you're not pulling the strings. And as the y[Gm7]ear goes on your h[Am7]eart distends. You d[Bb]o what you can to k[C]eep your friends, to make amends

[same chords as earlier]I turn on, it's everything
I die and die, and I just Sing

But Look at me, Cant see the wood for the trees. God knows, I'm only raking up the leaves. My friend sam makes better job Sweeping the floor. What do you do more. No harm, No More.
No Harm, No More, No Harm, No More. Received on Sun Oct 5 22:16:48 1997

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