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Re: Rosemary, Raking Up Leaves

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 01:12:56 PDT

Eb wrote:
> Well, here you go. It's no fun doing these things. It's like being able to
> figure out a math problem in your head, but having to write out all the
> calculations anyway just so the teacher will have something to grade. And I
> sure remember what THAT was like....
> Max Eider/Rosemary
> This is a song that especially points out how poorly the non-rhythm-based
> "match lyrics with the chords" system works. The chord changes are in the
> same rhythm throughout almost the whole song, but because the length of the
> vocal lines varies, using Will's system would be needlessly confusing.

Yeah, ChordPro is weak in a lot of areas, and it's really only useful as a guide, but that's most all people need and for me, it's s problem of just figuring out the chords themselves. And Thanks, I've had SOO much fun learing Betty Page. These should keep me happy for a week. Especially with these(for me) funky chords! Received on Mon Oct 6 01:12:56 1997

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