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Re: weolcome

From: Alex Green <>
Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 01:22:34 PDT

thank-you for your response!!

i am a jbc fan from way back in 1986.

i still maintain that distressed gentlefolk is the best album of the last twenty years. a weighty assertion but what more can one say about the album that changed his life.

i am music editor of happenstance magazine and a regular contributor to SOMA, Lava, campus circle and various other periodicals.

i am also a former dj who can boast playing "nothing special" at an all-metal station.

i am not the saxaphonist, but what a coincidence.

i interviewed pat on my 18th birthday during the "fishcotheque" days and found him to be quite charming.

latest musical favorites:

new grant maclennan

old go-betweens

charlie chesterman


old '97s

how about you?

loved the sf show!!

i waited 11 years to see those boys.

thanks again for adding me!!

Alex Green
Music Editor, happenstance magazine

"The dream is alive" Received on Tue Oct 14 01:22:34 1997
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