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Big Time label

From: Dave Coverly <>
Date: Tue 21 Oct 1997 - 09:25:53 PDT

Hi all,
Just got this message (from a friend of a friend), and since it may affect both Pat and Max, I thought I'd pass it along. Don't know if this will lead anywhere, but you never know...

>One cool thing I learned (and which I will now share). We talked
>about the ill-fated Big Time Records (it was a big Big Time night,
>earlier I'd been in a club where the DJ segued from the Cocteau Twins
>into the Lucy Show's "Million Things To Say"--I thought I was having
>an aural hallucination...). Apparently the Hoodoo Gurus sued the
>president of that label, and finally, two years ago won a settlement:
> they received entire Big Time Catalog. So what did the Gurus do?
>Just the coolest thing imaginable. They contacted every artist who's
>music they techically owned and offered them their music back. Free
>of charge. Which explains the OUT OF THE GREY Syndicate reish, as
>well as the rumored Sub Pop rerelease of Redd Kross' NEUROTICA.
>Anyway, I'm going to play STONEAGE ROMEOS all day in honor of that
>amazingly classy move.

Anybody know anything more about all this?

--Dave Coverly

Dave Coverly
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