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Re: Big Time label

From: Bill Pearis <>
Date: Tue 21 Oct 1997 - 11:22:03 PDT

Dave Coverly wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just got this message (from a friend of a friend), and since it may affect
> both Pat and Max, I thought I'd pass it along. Don't know if this will lead
> anywhere, but you never know...
> ---------------
> >One cool thing I learned (and which I will now share). We talked
> >about the ill-fated Big Time Records (it was a big Big Time night,
> >earlier I'd been in a club where the DJ segued from the Cocteau Twins
> >into the Lucy Show's "Million Things To Say"--I thought I was having
> >an aural hallucination...). Apparently the Hoodoo Gurus sued the
> >president of that label, and finally, two years ago won a settlement:
> > they received entire Big Time Catalog. So what did the Gurus do?
> >Just the coolest thing imaginable. They contacted every artist who's
> >music they techically owned and offered them their music back. Free
> >of charge. Which explains the OUT OF THE GREY Syndicate reish, as
> >well as the rumored Sub Pop rerelease of Redd Kross' NEUROTICA.
> >Anyway, I'm going to play STONEAGE ROMEOS all day in honor of that
> >amazingly classy move.
> ---------------------
> Anybody know anything more about all this?
> --Dave Coverly

I find this kinda hard to believe but if it's true, great. Some of my favorite records of the 80s were on Big Time and the chance to find some of these again would be fantastic. I have been looking for Redd Kross' Neurotica for nine years and I have many friends who would pay major money for Dumptruck CD

If you want to talk about someone being screwed by look no further than Max Eider. From what Pat told me in an interview I did back in 89, it was because of Big Time (specifically label boss Fred Bestal) that caused him to give up music professionally. I can't remember the particulars but Pat showed more anger when talking about Fred Bestal than with Reagan or Thatcher.

And the sad, sad story that is Dumptruck rivals any story any band has about being reamed by a record company.

I'm in a band called My Legendary Girlfriend and we do a song called "Big Time Blues" that tells the dark story of Big Time records -- from it's early days as Air Supply's first label to it's ill-fated deal with RCA and all the sordid inbetweens. All set to a catchy tune, of course.

This is big news if true. I'm skeptical. If anyone has more info please post. Received on Tue Oct 21 11:22:03 1997

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