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Re: Big Time label

From: Eb <>
Date: Tue 21 Oct 1997 - 14:04:54 PDT

>If you want to talk about someone being screwed by look no further than
>Max Eider. From what Pat told me in an interview I did back in 89, it
>was because of Big Time (specifically label boss Fred Bestal) that
>caused him to give up music professionally. I can't remember the
>particulars but Pat showed more anger when talking about Fred Bestal
>than with Reagan or Thatcher.

I helped interview Pat around the time of Fishcotheque for a college radio station, and he was DEFINITELY peeved at "Mr. Fred Bestal [insert sneer here]." As previously said, Bestal apparently screwed over his whole roster, not just Pat and Max.

I don't know what's up with Neurotica. It WAS on the Sub Pop release schedule. Now, it isn't. And worrying about Bestal resurfacing from the ooze is the reason.

Eb Received on Tue Oct 21 14:04:54 1997

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