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Olaf Palme

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Tue 28 Oct 1997 - 01:13:23 PST

hey poppets. Been busy lately, but here's another chord file. this one's for another favorite of mine. the kind of tune that made me a rabid fan.

[ Usual Note: This sounds right to me, and chord finder agrees.
[ As usual, The chord changes may be a little off.
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy : Olaf Palme


A                        G#
Western Europe's still a civilized place 
A                       F#
Despite those Americans all over the place 
    D                      E                    A        E 
But just the other week, I saw it take a little dive 
       A                              G#
I have always believed that if you're lucky enough 
          A                               F#
To have a leader who is friendly, decent, honest and just 
And not a Tory 
E                      A        E

You'd better keep him alive
   D                 E          A       E
So why'd they go and shoot Olaf Palme 
D                 E                 A        E
Why'd they go and gun that good man down.

Well, you didn't read about him in the English papers much But he used to govern Sweden with a magic touch Everybody liked him even though the liquor prices were high And my god are they high

But all the taxation helped to pay the bills For stuff like better work conditions and the curing of ills It made sense, and ladies and gents that's why...

That's why I think we ought to have a drink for Olaf Palme Yes I think we ought to drink one to his name (Pat Fish: Everyone except Max, who's playing guitar) (Max Eider: Oh Gawd!)

Oh, what'd they have to go and shoot him for Plenty of Prime Ministers deserve it much more He was only coming home from the Cinema And they shot him

Well, I don't know much about your politics I only pick up stupid little bits that stick But I wish they hadn't shot Olaf Palme
Oh yes I wish they hadn't shot Olaf Palme Oh yes I wish they hadn't shot a good man down.

[ Transcribed by: Will Nerini

You can get this and other fine chords(that aren't yet on the JBC site)
at my JBC shrine.
Received on Tue Oct 28 01:13:23 1997
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