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Date: Tue 28 Oct 1997 - 21:27:31 PST

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<< I'm desperately hunting down a CD
 version of Bloody Nonsense, or any CD that has "Human Jungle," "Drink," "Rain,"
 and "Big Saturday." Doesn't look like they ever did release a compact disc

I'm sure this will be answered,but "Draining the Glass" has quite a few "Nonsense"
tracks - (CD Now has a good price on it...).I have had no luck at all finding anything
pre-Fishcoteque on CD,so FIRE can release those "oldies" anytime!Speaking of reissues,why does'nt CREATION keep the latter JBC's in print?I never had a chance to hear "Illuminate" - What was it like? - R.B.

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Date: 97-10-28 19:25:36 EST

I found you through the the adjective site. I'm desperately hunting down a CD version of Bloody Nonsense, or any CD that has "Human Jungle," "Drink," "Rain,"
and "Big Saturday." Doesn't look like they ever did release a compact disc version of Nonsense, though.

Subject: welcome
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that said.. welcome!

curious... how did you find out about us? see any good shows? like any records in particular?

REMEMBER - responses go to:


        the (official) final Jazz Butcher Conspiracy gig
        was at the Garage in London on December 21st, 1995 -
        what you may have known as the JBC are no more!

the band has re-grouped under the name Sumosonic, which is much more beat-oriented and dance-y (vapid?). Sumosonic Central may be found online at:

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