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what's the story?

From: <>
Date: Wed 29 Oct 1997 - 11:43:15 PST

        A quick question for the powers that be...
        So what is that damn mysterious offering that was supposed to be? My 
checkbook is gathering dust and the ink in my pen is dry.. Of course, we all suspect that it is a cd or tape of the San Fran show- but would it also include all those extra t-shirts and photos and whatnot? A kind of buyers frenzy? And David is there any truth to the rumor of the BIGTIME settlement? Maybe we'll see the return of Max yet! And is sumo abandoning the states (tour-wise)? thanks SONY!!!
        Give us a sign!

P.S. I think I've managed to send out all those photos from the show- so let me know if you didn't get yours.. David, I emailed you but you never pinged me back.. go figure? Received on Wed Oct 29 11:43:15 1997
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