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pcoming gigs

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 06 Nov 1997 - 15:34:55 PST

just spoke with pat - he is busy lining up January gigs for Sumosonic and this is what he's got so far:

        17th - Mole's Club, Bath   
        20th - Garage, London
        30th - Louisianna Club, Bristol

see for additional details.

and, of course, there is yet another gig (YAG) for pat & max. this time it's for the Mean Fiddler's 15th anniversary in early December. watch the site for more info as it comes in.

if you missed the original announcement, the JBC website is holding an auction RIGHT NOW. you lunatics are well on the way to putting some serious money in the pocket of the man. he appreciates it!

as i mentioned before, there were SUPPOSED to be about 20 more posters - but they got lost in the mail! to give you some idea of the extent of the loss, the following are probably floating in the Atlantic right now: a poster for the VERY FIRST Butcher gig, 2 posters from the VERY LAST Butcher gig. 1984 German tour posters, posters advertising Bath In Bacon and early Spacemen records, hand-done posters by Sonic Boom. you get the (awful) idea.

as pat said: "Shit"

suspiciously, NO AOL list subscribers have bid on anything..

-david Received on Thu Nov 6 15:34:55 1997

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