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From: Stan Cierlitsky <>
Date: Wed 12 Nov 1997 - 09:10:10 PST

Hello Again,

Here is an update of my little auction. I have added 4 new items as well. The auction will continue until November 27, 1997. Please send all bids/inquiries to

The list:

ITEM 1: The Jazz Butcher In Bath Of Bacon UK LP (GLALP 002) $15 (tgatah)
ITEM 2: The Jazz Butcher Sing Marnie And 4 Other Great Tunes On A Glass Record UK 12" (GLASS 12033) $15 (adbell) ITEM 3: The Jazz Butcher V Max Eider "Conspiracy" UK 12" (GLAEP 104) - With Gold NAIRD Award Winner Sticker On Cover. NO BIDS


ITEM 4:  Girl Go UK CD5 (CRESCD 077) $6 (gary)
ITEM 5:  Spooky CAN CD (872 183-2) - Canadian CD $35 (hartman.clint)
ITEM 6:  The Gift Of Music UK CD (GLEXCD 101) $100 (speedbump)
ITEM 7:  Black Eg UK CD (CRE CD 086) $20 (tgatah)

ITEM 8: Distressed Gentlefolk UK CD (GLACD 020) ITEM 9: Big Planet Scarey Planet UK CD (CRECD 049) ITEM 10: Fishcoteque UK CD (CRELP 027 CD)

ITEM 11: Max Eider "The Best Kisser In The World" US CD (Big Time 6046)


PS - Postage will be added to the order based upon number of items and whether or not insurance is requested... Received on Wed Nov 12 09:10:10 1997

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