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Re: True or False?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 13 Nov 1997 - 10:11:16 PST

On Nov 13, 9:35am, Glen A. Davis wrote:
> Subject: True or False?
> Hi David,
> Could you settle an ongoing discussion?
> Regarding the SF show, someone posted:
> I'm looking forward to David's CD special.
> To which I replied:
> Do you know something the rest of us don't or are you just speculating
> outloud. I don't think David's ever mentioned making a cd of the show
> available; it was just the rest of us wishful thinking (and prodding).
> and now someone else has emailed me:
> David is ABSOLUTELY making a c.d. of the event which he will be
> offering for $20-$30 apiece. He posted it himself on this group.
> So which is it? Are you indeed making a cd available of the show?
> mucho gracias.
> Glen Davis
> San Diego, CA
>-- End of excerpt from Glen A. Davis

i have yet to say a definite "yes", however it is likely to happen.

i did take a poll to get a feel for how many people would pay $30 for a CD - over 50 people responded, which is encouraging.

i will be mastering the tapes next week and if they turn out good enough then i will look into either enlisting volunteers to burn the several dozen from DAT, or i will look into a couple hundred run.

it all hinges on my (and pat's) satisfaction with the mastering job.

pat has mentioned that he could unload any i don't sell by pawning them at live gigs.

btw - the live show runs 83 minutes. trim a few seconds of lull between tunes here and there and you have one crammed-full CD.

might as well put the call out - who has good photos from the SF show? did anyone take a picture of the marquee? we'll need something to adorn the sleeve with, yes?

The Auction...
some of the pieces are Going... Going... Gone. i am a little surprised how little the white label albums are going for - especially considering how rare they are. fishcotheque - with funky hand-done artwork. $14? damn. sells these releases for nearly twice as much!

How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure - C. Crumb
Received on Thu Nov 13 10:11:16 1997
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