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auctions and a free tape offer

From: John Hymers <>
Date: Fri 14 Nov 1997 - 01:43:28 PST

Hey, with this sudden plethora of auctions, I am reminded of a lyric of the Jazz Butcher's "Don't you know they make pop records out of plastic?" $100 for Distressed Gentlefolk? Geeze, I've got two copies, the UK and the canadian with the bonus album. Maybe I could finance a trip with them. Oh, and don't forget that the uk shade of blue is different. I guess that this is all a great reminder that pop is really just about market forces anyway.

On a less polemical note, earlier I posted a note looking for Al Avery, who contacted me. if anybody else would like a copy of the tape that I was talking about (listing below), please contact me and send a tape on which to dub (to: John Hymers, Groot Begijnhof 76.1, B-3000 Belgium). Anybody possessing Speedy Gonzales is strongly requested to reciprocate. I am also looking for a bootleg of the Hamburg show including Fish's duet with A. Eldritch. Plus, as always, the Beach Boy's Smile bootleg
(from japan).

the tape's Jazz Butcher content is as follows: Leaving it up to You
(Cale Cover off of an abstract sampler), Almost Brooklyn (off of a
sampler entitled Gun Fire and Pianos), Lost In France (simply because it goes together so well with the previous song), We Love You (the great awakening mix), and XMAS with the Pygmies (ultra-rare 7 inch single). When I go home next I'll plunder my vinyl for even more treasures, but who knows when that'll be and my parents have dismantled my stereo anyway ...

The rest of the tape is [song - band]: Cornershop - Baby Bird; Lazarus - Boo Radleys; By the Light of the Silbury Boon - Julian Cope; 10 Wheels for Jesus - Beasts of Bourbon; Amnesia - Mekons; William Borroughs - James; Suds 'n Soda - dEUS; Versa - Mad Dog Loose; I Wanna Destroy You - Soft Boys [ie R. Hitchcock]; Country Girl - Jacobites; Ventriloquists and Dolls - Momus; Kennedy - Wedding Present; Under the Sky - That Petrol Emotion; Possession - Cud; Dancing Queen - The Justified Ancients of MuMu (ultra rare!); Bedazzled - The Love Interest (a Dudley Moore cover!); Teenage Lightening - Coil; Rez - Underworld (the trance classic).

ciao, john. Received on Fri Nov 14 01:43:28 1997

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