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From: Stan Cierlitsky <>
Date: Sat 15 Nov 1997 - 06:46:34 PST


As most of you know, the auction is set to end on November 27th. Someone sent me a message saying they would beat the highest bids as of November 27th (for most of the items) by $5 each. To be completely fair to everyone participating (and I know it's a lot of you), here are the rules I have drawn up...

Sometime on the morning of November 26th I will send out a FINAL UPDATE. If a bid is not increased before I check my e-mail on the morning of the 27th, the person with the highest bid as of the 26th will be entitled to that item... However, if a bid is increased by one or more people in that time between the FINAL UPDATE and the 27th, those people will be participants in a "bid off" (including the person with the highest bid as of the FINAL UPDATE). I will continue to e-mail people personally to see if they want to increase the bid. Once the bidding has stopped, a winner will be declared and they will be entitled to that item. I think this is the fairest way to handle the auction.

If anyone has any questions, or if this is not clear, please send me an e-mail. I will gladly change this if it is deemed unfair or will explain it better if necessary. As I said, there are a lot of you participating and I don't want anyone to feel "cheated".

Stan Received on Sat Nov 15 06:46:34 1997

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