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a modest proposal

From: Kirk Biglione <>
Date: Sun 16 Nov 1997 - 05:52:52 PST

John Hymers noted:

> Hey, with this sudden plethora of auctions, I am reminded of a lyric
> of the Jazz Butcher's "Don't you know they make pop records out of
> plastic?" $100 for Distressed Gentlefolk? Geeze, I've got two
> copies, the UK and the canadian with the bonus album. Maybe I could
> finance a trip with them. Oh, and don't forget that the uk shade of
> blue is different. I guess that this is all a great reminder that
> pop is really just about market forces anyway.

And lest any of us forget, in the music business those market forces are often completely artificial. I've long suspected that not all out-of-print JBC product has been completely "sold out". In my mind there's a big old warehouse of it somewhere, just collecting dust. Whoever owns it hasn't a clue what to do with it.

Here's a thought. There are a few of you out there with recordable CD drives. I'm about to get one myself. Between the group I would bet that we could replicate the entire JBC catalog (including Max's solo album) many times over.

There must be some way that we could arrange this CD recording and distribution process so that those wishing to own a CD copy of Scandal in Bohemia (or any of the others) would be able to obtain one at a reasonable price. By reasonable price I mean less than $20 US. Probably more like $15 US.

Lately I've seen several ads for blank CDR media in bulk as low as $1.19 per disk! At that price $15 would cover recording, shipping & handling, etc., with as much as $10 a disk left over for Mr. Fish.

True, there are probably numerous copyright issues involved with this proposal. However, the person(s) who own the copyright on this product seem to have no intention of exercising their rights. Meanwhile the fans are left out in the cold paying as much as $100 for a copy of Gift of Music.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Kirk Biglione

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