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Re: the pro turn weird

From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 09:02:43 PST

I for one, think open auctions are just fine on a list such as this. You won't see me bidding $30 and up for a cd, but hey I'm not a wealthy person. Fan lists are great places to pick up hard-to-find items and if you can afford them then more power to ya.

>>and fuck you to the exploiters (you know who you are).
>Here, here! There has been some scummy profiteering going on over this list
>lately. It's one thing for Pat and other band members to try to make a bit
>of cash selling rare/hard to find stuff, but I'd prefer the list not be
>used as an open auction house for the private gain of certain individuals.
>Anyone else interested in moving the money machines to their own private
>dialogue, or is it only me?!?

     Glen Davis
     San Diego, CA
Received on Mon Nov 17 09:02:43 1997
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