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Re: a modest proposal

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 09:20:48 PST

Kirk Biglione wrote:
> John Hymers noted:
> > Hey, with this sudden plethora of auctions, I am reminded of a lyric
> > of the Jazz Butcher's "Don't you know they make pop records out of
> > plastic?" $100 for Distressed Gentlefolk? Geeze, I've got two
> > copies, the UK and the canadian with the bonus album. Maybe I could
> > finance a trip with them. Oh, and don't forget that the uk shade of
> > blue is different. I guess that this is all a great reminder that
> > pop is really just about market forces anyway.
> And lest any of us forget, in the music business those market forces
> are often completely artificial. I've long suspected that not all
> out-of-print JBC product has been completely "sold out". In my mind
> there's a big old warehouse of it somewhere, just collecting dust.
> Whoever owns it hasn't a clue what to do with it.
> Here's a thought. There are a few of you out there with recordable
> CD drives. I'm about to get one myself. Between the group I would
> bet that we could replicate the entire JBC catalog (including Max's
> solo album) many times over.
> There must be some way that we could arrange this CD recording and
> distribution process so that those wishing to own a CD copy of
> Scandal in Bohemia (or any of the others) would be able to obtain one
> at a reasonable price. By reasonable price I mean less than $20 US.
> Probably more like $15 US.
> Lately I've seen several ads for blank CDR media in bulk as low as
> $1.19 per disk! At that price $15 would cover recording, shipping &
> handling, etc., with as much as $10 a disk left over for Mr. Fish.
> True, there are probably numerous copyright issues involved with this
> proposal. However, the person(s) who own the copyright on this
> product seem to have no intention of exercising their rights.
> Meanwhile the fans are left out in the cold paying as much as $100
> for a copy of Gift of Music.
> Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Well kirk, I have over the last several months been converting _ALL_ the JBC I can get my hands on into Layer-3 MPEG files. Ignore the details, but suffice to say I have everything by the Jazz butcher conspiracy and Max Eider, that I own, encoded onto two CD-ROMS. These files can be easily tuned into the .wav files my CD-writing software needs to produce audio discs. I'd be perfectly willing to contribute the time and files I've put into this archive to any such project, _IF_ it was sanctioned by Mr. Fish, and we had all the appropriate BMI, RIAA, etc. approvals.

The upside of doing such a project, is that anyone with a decent 16 bit soundcard and any JBC material could record, encode and contribute it to the project. The JBC Library. Received on Mon Nov 17 09:20:48 1997

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