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From: Michael J. Egli <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 09:56:26 PST

I kinda have to side with Glen. If people are out there bidding on stuff and driving the cost up why not go for it. If you were rich enough to buy multiple copies of things when they were avaiable why not sell at a profit.  If someone out there wants to give you $30+ for a CD who are you to tell them no. It's certainly better than selling them to used record stores and getting a buck for them.

If you are in the Boston area I saw two copies of Big Planet Scarey Planet (CD) in Cambridge this weekend. One in HMV for a whopping $8.99 and one in Newbury Comics for $12.99 (I think). Both of these stores are in the Harvard Square area. I also saw copies of Excellent and Waiting for the Love Bus but don't remember which of the two stores had them.

To Dan Bunter - Tape is made and will be in the mail soon. No word on the new Luka Bloom album but I did pick up three CD's with LB songs on them. A Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival disk with Delirious - Live, and Celtic Christmas 1 and 2 with new songs (Ciara and Listen to the River)

Back to work - Lunch is over!!!

Egg Received on Mon Nov 17 09:56:26 1997

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