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Re: a modest proposal

From: Bill Pearis <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 10:52:36 PST

I was thinking of this as well this weekend. As far as the copywrite and legality concerns go -- I don't think they really apply. We wouldn't be selling them for profit. It's no different than making a tape of an album for a friend. You can indeed get CD-Rs for as little as $2 a piece these days. Including shipping, total cost would be around $10 a CD, probably. Personally, I would be happy to tack on an extra $5 to go directly to Pat. That's more than Garth Brooks makes off a CD, and I'd be surprised if Pat ever saw dime one from Glass (from record sales at least). I know he's not happy that Fire owns the rights, and I bet he wouldn't be bothered by this in the least. This is not about scamming people. This is about people wanting music that is near impossible to find anymore, and an reasonably easy way to do it. I'm all for this.

> > Here's a thought. There are a few of you out there with recordable
> > CD drives. I'm about to get one myself. Between the group I would
> > bet that we could replicate the entire JBC catalog (including Max's
> > solo album) many times over.
> >
> > There must be some way that we could arrange this CD recording and
> > distribution process so that those wishing to own a CD copy of
> > Scandal in Bohemia (or any of the others) would be able to obtain one
> > at a reasonable price. By reasonable price I mean less than $20 US.
> > Probably more like $15 US.
> >
> > Lately I've seen several ads for blank CDR media in bulk as low as
> > $1.19 per disk! At that price $15 would cover recording, shipping &
> > handling, etc., with as much as $10 a disk left over for Mr. Fish.
> >
> > True, there are probably numerous copyright issues involved with this
> > proposal. However, the person(s) who own the copyright on this
> > product seem to have no intention of exercising their rights.
> > Meanwhile the fans are left out in the cold paying as much as $100
> > for a copy of Gift of Music.
> >
> > Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
> >
>I'd be perfectly willing to contribute the time and files
> I've put into this archive to any such project, _IF_ it was sanctioned
> by Mr. Fish, and we had all the appropriate BMI, RIAA, etc. approvals.
> The upside of doing such a project, is that anyone with a decent 16 bit
> soundcard and any JBC material could record, encode and contribute it to
> the project. The JBC Library.
Received on Mon Nov 17 10:52:36 1997

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