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From: <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 11:11:05 PST

I happend to write the fy line.
-I was one of the lucky ones that made it to the San Fran date.. Fate and f-aid had been especially kind to me and so I was able to afford the southwest ticket that got me to the show. All said and done, it was worth the money..
NOW imagine if Pat had decided that he was going to charge 200$ a ticket? Fuck, I paid 35$ to see REM (laughs here) and it wasn't worth it. So, everyone seems to agree that the show was large and in charge. Maybe David should up the ante and set the price of the CD at what.... 100$. I mean, these people paid airfare, hotel, etc.
Certainly, I would like those hard to find items.. but I'm not a great fan of those who are working the need to their advantage. It will be interesting to see, when all is said and done, if Pat will make as much as this side auction. That said, I'm glad that there are people on this list who have the techno power to put a plan of their own into action. Really, we wouldnt be talking about this if Fire had came through... And we probably wont be talking about this after the good ones throw down. Cheers and down the hatch.
Bradman. Received on Mon Nov 17 11:11:05 1997

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