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From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 12:19:25 PST

> >and f**k you to the exploiters (you know who you are).
> Here, here! There has been some scummy profiteering going on over this list
> lately. It's one thing for Pat and other band members to try to make a bit
> of cash selling rare/hard to find stuff, but I'd prefer the list not be
> used as an open auction house for the private gain of certain individuals.

Well, this seems like rather a fine line. After all, isn't this forum intended to provide subscribers with the greatest possible access to JBC music? For example, when I found two CDs in a shop and offered them to the group, wasn't that in the spirit of things? (Hell, I LOST $3 on that deal.) I think the current auctions and actions have been a great way to stir things up and get some activity on this list.

I am a little envious of someone having the money to spare on a $100 Gift of Music CD, but in a way, that's a bargain if you must have your own copy. (There were NO minimum bids...this is strictly market forces at work.) But if you don't want to pay that much, don't bid. (Plus if this brilliant CD-burning scheme takes off, we can all chuckle that we only paid $20 for our own copies, not $100.) I'm not sure I'd by a CD-ROM full of WAV files, but maybe somehow someone can produce a DVD that has the ENTIRE JBC recorded works on it (and video clips to boot!). Now there's a lofty ambition!

If this is a widely percieved problem, maybe David wouldn't mind adding a "for sale" guestbook-style page on the site where auctions and sales can be posted, then conducted "off the list" directly by e-mail? Just a foggy notion... Received on Mon Nov 17 12:19:25 1997

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