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America Online workaround

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Thu 11 Dec 1997 - 06:30:44 PST

I've heard from a few AOL users that they've had problems attempting to sign the petition to "Release the Jazz Butcher"'s the scoop.

As I understand it, America Online has this evil thing called a Proxy Server that means it visits a page's actual server ONCE and stores a copy of the page in an AOL server and each time an AOL user attempts to access the actual server, it checks the proxy server first to see if the page is already stored there. In the case of our page, AOL's first hit was apparently when there was a problem with the page, so therefore it assumes the page is ALWAYS having problems. Sheesh.

So as a workaround, I've created a separate page that "should" be accessible from AOL. Try:

If you still have trouble, send me your name, e-mail, and city and I'll sign your name to the petition.

Sorry for the confusion...let me know if the workaround works!

Gary Received on Thu Dec 11 06:30:44 1997

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