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Re: Writable CDs

From: Will Nerini <>
Date: Sun 14 Dec 1997 - 12:58:42 PST wrote:
> Hey all of you people talking about making your own CDs:
> Mind if we make this the JBC/Consumer Reports list for a moment?
> What kind of writable CD players do you have? How much did they cost?
> What kind should someone buy if his primary use is to archive music?
> How good are the really cheap ones?
> Thanks -

        Well, I use a sony recorder, cost me $400. I have a PC with 48meg of ram, 2.5G scsi. But I've burned CDs(lots of em) with a standard(IDE) hard drive.

        As for media, I primarily use two brands. Verbatim "Blue" disks because they're quite reliable and dirt cheap(my local warehouse store carries them for $2 a piece). I also use Phillips CDs They're more expensive, 4-6 bucks a piece but have a nice reputation for reliability. other than that, I don't really use other brands so I can't say much about them. BUT DO NOT USE THE GENERIC GOLD/DREEN DISCS. THEY ARE VERY DELICATE AND NOT RELIABLE. they're mostly for "warez" traders. I've also just ordered some "silver" disks from Verbatim. We'll see how they work. They'd better be damn reliable, they are VERY expensive.

        I do this to burn CD-ROM copies of mpeg layer-3 encoded copies my CD collection, and to make CD-AUD copies from sources such as my CD collection, Commercial tapes, my 4-Track sessions, etc.

For the best source of information, try:

        This is the CD-R FAQ by Andy McFadden mirrored ad CD-INFO. also try the root URl for that site:

        It's got a wealth or resources on the subject. Received on Sun Dec 14 12:58:42 1997

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