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JBC - Petition and Scandal

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Tue 16 Dec 1997 - 16:09:54 PST

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who's signed the Velvel Petition so far! We've just topped 150 signatures, which is great, but I think 200 is the bare minimum to send to the record company, so if you haven't taken the time to sign up, please visit:

Please be sure to include your e-mail and city (I'm guessing Velvel will want to see 'em, plus I'd like to update all signers of any significant progress). If you don't have web access, or have trouble, e-mail me your name/e-mail/city and I'll sign you up.

Not sure how many of us are on this discussion group list, but we should all pitch in. (Even if you already have the albums in question, wouldn't it be comforting to see them in stores?) Anyone have any ideas for getting more legitimate signatures, please let me know!

And guess who scored his own CD of Scandal/Sex for just $24 ppd... :-)

I Need Meat!
Gary Received on Tue Dec 16 16:09:54 1997

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