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Re: Writable CDs

From: Adrian H. D. Bell <>
Date: Thu 18 Dec 1997 - 02:31:37 PST

At 16:12 13/12/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Hey all of you people talking about making your own CDs:
>Mind if we make this the JBC/Consumer Reports list for a moment?
>What kind of writable CD players do you have? How much did they cost?
>What kind should someone buy if his primary use is to archive music?
>How good are the really cheap ones?
>Thanks -

Undoubtably, the lowest hassle, but most expensive option would be the new Recordable CD Player released by Philips, called a "CDR 870". These plug into and look like all your other stereo components....Just like using a tape deck.

They take two formats: CD-R & CD-RW. The CD-RW can be recorded over as many times as you like, while the CD-R will record once. Apparently, the player has some software built-in which prevents making recordings of recordings. Also, you have to buy the Philips CDs which are slightly more expensive than PC ones. I think Philips may be paying some form of royalty to the recording industry.

Another feature is that the CD-R discs will play on any CD-player. I haven't seen one of these but heard of them on the newsgroups. I think the cost is around $800. Some relevant web addresses are: and

Even better will be when they release recordable DVD players which will store 6 times the amount of data. Hence they have the potential to store better quality and longer recordings. These are a couple of years off but are likely to become the new standard for audio and video. Received on Thu Dec 18 02:31:37 1997

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