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Scandal CD To Swap

From: Dave Coverly <>
Date: Sun 28 Dec 1997 - 10:11:29 PST

Like many (or most) of you, there are a couple JB CD's I have never been able to find. In my case, they're Big Questions (Gift II) and Bloody Nonsense (was this even released on CD?)

Inexplicably, I suddenly find myself with an extra copy of Scandal/Sex&Travel on CD (only three months ago, I had none). Is there anyone on the list who would be interested in swapping either BQ or BN for this? I know it's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask, I guess...

I'm not interested in becoming an auctioneer (though I gladly participated in the recent auctions), I just want to entertain swap offers--e-mailed privately, of course.

Dave Coverly

Dave Coverly
***NOTE: NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS*** Received on Sun Dec 28 10:11:29 1997

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